Boyer,Inc Established 1979
Whew! 1988 has been a busy year in the life of the Boyer's. I keep thinking there will come a day in the week when I'll be able to sit and write you all, and it just never happens.

Ken's schedule is not much better. He is the jr partner in the Dr. Adams corporation, wher he spends six days each week checking eyeballs. They recently acquired an additional doctor to meet the workload--Dr. Taylor Bladh. So they split their time between the new LaVerne office and the one in Diamond Bar. He also serves in the church as a ward mission leader; and volunteers two nights a week to teach our doctrines to non-members and new converts. On top of that he still manages to wake up before the sun to get in an occassional round of golf with our neighbor at the nearby course.

Amy is a second grader. Such a change from those care-free days of first grade! We like to brag about her great academic achievements. She's tops in all the ratings for reading, spelling, math, etc...Amy's playtime is always "booked" by parents hoping her influence will rub off on their kids! She has become "an influence for good in the community". She is doing well in her piano lessons, and with such limited time on our hands we have her with a wonderful instructor, where her talent can blossom!

Brian though still the mildest natured of our children, is a little boy who loves "gorilla warfare" and sword duels with his buddy Kyle. He has been in his most hated past-time, pre-school for the last three months. But he adjusts well, and really excels in snack time! He also has been taking gymnastics and he is so incredibly limber. His favorite thing to do is cartwheels, which he practices wherever he is! We'll probably continue with that till tee-ball season.

Karen, last but not least, is the apple of our eye! She has a way of coaxing a smile from even the hardest looking strangers. And she squeezes out of every bad situation she puts herself into! She loves to clean the house with mom and boss her siblings around; and she never leaves the house without a smudge of lipstick on her lips. Her favorite thing this year was going to Utah this summer.

And dear old mom, she's been a busy little bee! Volunteering a day a week in Amy's class, a day in Brian's pre-school; Wed. nights with the teenage girls at church (MiaMaids); and Tues/Thurs nights at Ken's office doing data entry for the new office computer!

We hope this letter finds you safe, well and happy! We've certainly valued these in our past year. California has suffered some natural disasters lately (earthquakes, fires, windstorms) but we've come through them all with just some power outages!

We are secure in the hope of the future, and place out confidence in Jesus Christ who's birth we celebrate this season. May HIS peace be with you....
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