Boyer Inc., Established 1979 
Dear Friends and Family,

A lot has happened this year in the lives of the Boyer's. Some sweet and some sad. It is with tender memories we find that at this time last year, Ken's dad was in failing health, and our holidays were spent singing carols to our ward members and running to the hospital for intensive care visits. Art passed away this past February. His death coincided with Linda's sister Annies wedding in Utah (could it really be?! yes! Annie settled down) Hard to believe when her motto seemed to be "so many eligible little time". It was bittersweet as we watched Annie and her son sealed to Rob Whittle, in the Salt Lake Temple, and to be mourning the loss of Ken's dad. Later we found out that Ken's uncle "Red" had also passed on in this same week. It seemed like our emotions were running wild, and that life would not be "normal" again.

Children however have a way of making life go on. Soom we were re-immersed in the daily goings on that only a household of four of them can make!

Karen (5) started kindergarten this fall! She is quite the student (where learning is serious business), which is not the nature of her jolly personality. She finds competition with Laura her biggest worry!

Brain (8) still enjoys his artwork "to the max". Mom has to "punish" him for getting carried away with it, by making him go outside and play (mean old mom)! He recently was crowned "KING OF DISNEYLAND" (no joke) after successfully pulling the sword from the stone!!! Not an easy task, if you've ever tried...the secret is to think brave thoughts!

Amy (10-going on 20) Keeps us busy with her exhausting schedule of extra curriculum. She is a virtuoso on the piano, and enjoys participating in the Girl Scout program where she is striving to earn as many badges as she can along with tons of service projects and and other troop activities. Her grades are all straight A's and this manages to enchant and enthrall her with her studiousness! (how long will this last?!)

Laura (2) occupies all of us with her entertaining and hilarious sense of humor. Shyness is not in her vocabulary! She is a "daddy's girl" and manages to manipulate him beyond everyone else's efforts.

Mom has been busy with being in the Primary Presdency, and conducting the Sacrament presentation. She bBarely got through that, when she was released and recently sustained to the Stake Primary. She continues ot participate in the school programs, volunteering twice a week in the classroom. But much of her energy is spent on a very active two year old!

Dad still works six days a week, and has just started teaching early morning seminary to the 15 year olds. There are rewards though for all the hard and dad had the thrill of lifetime when this past spring we and our fellow business partners took continuing education credits on a Caribbean cruise! It was glorious. The wives enjoyed pampering while the men had lectures! Cheryl, Andrea and I never have time in our daily schedules to stay in touch, but they are special people, who, no matter how little the contact continue to have a special relationship with us.

That can be said for all of our friends and family near and far. Memories of how you have touched our lives are as close as a thought, and remain in our hearts with fondness. We share those thoughts with each other as a family and feel richly blessed. Those are the experiances that will last throughout eternity.

The Lord has truly blessed us this year. We have been supported in our sorrow; had our joys multiplied; our business has prospered; our health is good; and our friends are many. Our wish this year is that your lives also may be so blessed. And the GLORY BE TO GOD. Merry Christmas!
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