This has been a year to remember. And being a native New Yorker, sure “brought home” for me the tragedy on our nation. Unfortunately we did know some of the victims of those events of September 11. Luckily though we are more fortunate to have known that many others that have survived! If you have ever traveled to NY and been at the WTC, then you know the potential for so much more loss of life than occurred. Angels were working overtime to combat the throes of evil. I for one am jingling lots of bells so they all get recognition for earning their wings (reference: “It’s a Wonderful Life” ).

Coincidentally, our family had just journeyed back east this past June, in what had been the first time in about 14 years!

The trip was prompted by a reunion of my elementary school classmates, that we turned into a family reunion and tour of NY. We criss-crossed the Empire State from one end to the other, dragging my patient parents as out tour guides. We went to the heights of Manhattan, to the rural hills of Palmyra, to the restful lakes of St. George...and loved every minute of it.

Amy (20) had the biggest news of the year with her engagement in April to Joseph Johnson, and subsequent marriage in August. All is well for the newlyweds'. They toil at their jobs and school, and arrange their schedules to support their family’s events. We feel very lucky to have them living so bear-by. It has been so nice to see her choose such a nice man to add to our family, and to be married in the Temple. This experience filled us with joy and happiness.

However her closet wasn’t even cold before it was being taken over by her brother…

Brian (18) is finishing up high school early, and is attending the local college here, in January. He is working (finally) and so his year is pretty much booked. He is planning on a mission for our church when he turns 19,and will be sent somewhere in the world for 2 years! His job will help him earn enough to cover the expense of that. He is still playing in bands and remains very interested in music by adding ukulele to his list of instruments. He loves the Hawaiian culture and vacationed over to Oahu with a friend of his in October to “jam” with the locals , and surf with the other haolies!—-hahahaha

Karen (15) is growing up way too fast! Her dad has his hands full keeping the boys at bay till she is 16. She started work in Ken’s office this year, so still adds to her generous bank account. She has done quite a bit of traveling this year, in fact she was trapped in Florida when the attack had all planes grounded for a few days! While there she attended a concert of the Beach Boys, and so charmed Mike Love, he pulled her onto the stage to sing! She was thrilled. He also gave her tickets and backstage passes for a performance at our County fair. It was so fun to be treated to VIP seats and treatment! She is a pretty good surfer and got some great tips from the Beach Boy crew.

She still plays the piano, acoustic guitar, and is adding to her skills as a hammered dulcimer player. She and her best friend will be performing for the church Christmas musical and have been feverishly practicing for perfection.

Laura (12) still lives for soccer! She runs like the wind and never runs out of energy. Her nickname is “winged Pegasus”. She is doing her piano lessons and doing quite well. This is third year, so it is fun watching the girls play duets now that their skills have increased. Laura is the one in the family who misses Amy the most. She loves it when the family is all together playing games, vacationing and telling tales. She worried that marriage would affect that, but she is getting used to Joe and readily accepting that he’s an addition, not a subtraction to our family!

Ken has kept busy this year between marrying off his oldest daughter, and his new assignment in church as Elder’s Quorum leader. He rarely has had time to follow his love of scuba. He did enjoy his NY vacation, visiting “my neck-of-the woods”, everything from the best pizza in the world, to a “real” cabin by the lake.

We got away again in November for a week’s getaway by the beach and spent the whole time surfing with the kids, and loving it! The business is doing very well. We’re glad for all our “old” friends who are now at the age of needing glasses!

Linda has enjoyed watching the progress of our children. They area a fun group to associate with, and keeps busy with the usual running around with activities as well as Achievement Day leader in church. She still enjoys doing genealogy, cross-stitch projects, rubber stamping and scrapbooking...when she can!

As we reflect upon the tragedy that befell our great nation this year, we recognize the miracles that occurred, and the strength and generosity of a people free to choose goodness. We are stronger in our faith and mighty in our love.

Peace to you and those you love,
Blessings to you from heaven above.

May you be filled with
Heavenly Peace.

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