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This year if you are technologically advanced you can view this newsletter on the web with added photos connected to the “red”  highlights!  Click on them and see picture of our family events.
In other words if you have the internet you can view our family webpage (specifically the newsletter, since the rest is under construction).  Eventually (with Joe’s help) we will have genealogy and other great stuff  as well-so check back from year to year!  You know you can’t get enough of us.
The year started off wonderfully for us with a family reunion at our condo in MAUI.  Both my nephew and Brian were recently returned from their respective missions to Mongolia and Brazil, and it was a good time to catch up on that as well as to surf and sun ourselves.  Next we were off to Mexico for a birthday celebration dinner for Karen in PUERTO NUEVO.  Aside from small trips down to San Diego, Utah, and Newport, we also spent another week in ENSENADA with my parents and sister.  Going on trips keeps me from landscaping and adding to my furnishings, but we sure have loved the family memories!
AMY, JOE & HEIDI:  Well the apple of our eye (Heidi) turned one this year.  She is so adorable, a  little “mini-Amy” with a lot of Laura’s personality! Our genius grandchild is learning to speak Spanish & sign language along with her regular vocabulary.  Heidi loves to come to Grammy's house and jump on the trampoline, yell at the dog, dig in the garden and swing on the swing set.  She started nursery time during Sunday School and loves being
with her friends and playing with the toys.
Joe is continuing his law studies and his MBA while teaching gospel doctrine for church Sunday school.
Amy remains busy with her role as “mom”, which if you’ve ever had an 18 month old you know keeps her more than  occupied!  But in addition to that she has the added assignment at church of Enrichment Night Leader.
BRIAN (22) has been adjusting to “civilian life” since his two year mission to Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  He is currently a full-time student and a part-time employee of the Bladh & Boyer Corporation.  He is slowly getting his general education credits and is hoping to graduate eventually as a biology major, in preparation for his graduate schooling in optometry .  He has loved getting to know his niece, and will miss her most of all, as he goes up to Brigham Young University this winter.
KAREN (19) had the year of her dreams!  She and her friend Ashley spent a month on tour of Europe.  They squeezed in England, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Greece!  They hope to do more travel, but for now this trip is the highlight.   She attends the singles ward in our area now and still plays the piano, as well as keeping up with her hula dancing, and surfing.  Her dedication to schooling and studies shows in her magnificent 4.0 grade!  And pretty soon, she will be able to enter the nursing program where she hopes to become an R.N.   Working in the “corporation” rounds out her time and pays the bills for her trips abroad!
LAURA (16): Her much anticipated sixteenth birthday, and getting her permit, finally materialized.  She is happily ready to take on the state’s highways and tear up the town in a vehicle.  WATCH OUT CALIFORNIA!  Laura is a sophomore, and is still educated at home.  Even though it is much less “fun” now that she is the last and only one of our students, she still finds it meets her needs and allows the freedom to pursue her talents.   She is a great aunt to Heidi, who happily follows “La La” everywhere.   Laura has informed me that I should let you know that she has done nothing smart, interesting or entertaining in the last year!  Ummm...I guess that means she doesn’t want me revealing too much about her!  But I will anyway...she continues to heal very well from her back surgery and swims regularly to strengthen her muscles.  She is busy as usual with friends, and activities, as well as learning guitar.
KEN & LINDA (married 26 years) well we are sitting back and looking at our year and find ourselves about the same.  Ken is still busy with his optometry offices and teaching Sunday School to the 16 yr olds.  Linda is still teaching at our homeschool, and is 1st counselor in the Stake Young Women’s Presidency.  Most of our time is spent with our children and grandchild whom we love.  Vacationing with all of them being our number one hobby.  My children beg me yearly to not do this “newsletter thing” and to especially refrain from my humorous asides on their lives.  It was hard, and I only handle one request a year, so therefore the newsletter is published again...and as for my so-called humor—OUCH!  I thought I was just plain clever!  Obviously I was deluding myself.   We manage to get along despite the criticisms  (teenagers can be so tedious with their honest evaluations!)  But they are growing into wonderful people who have turned into some incredibly talented, smart, beautiful, accomplished adults, despite their parents lack of experience and know-how.  Hmmm...just like we planned!
Near and far we give thanks for family and friends who, lucky for us, remain in the long-term memory
banks!  Ok, ok yes, age is taking it’s toll on us and making the short-term stuff a bit rough to recall….why did I walk into this room with one green sock?...I told you I would bring 4 dozen cream puffs by 2 o’clock THIS afternoon?!  We enjoy hearing from our friends and family...sharing joys and dividing sorrows, counting blessings and taking stock for the New Year.
We are blessed with a knowledge of the Savior Jesus Christ, of His divine mission, and his atonement in our behalf.  This season reminds us that he humbled himself as a young baby to come to this earth.  A sacrifice, my age and growing wisdom can only partially grasp!
May this year find you blessed with an abundance of that eternal love in your life.
The Boyer’s
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