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Christmas 2006 

Another year?!...This one started with a trip to New York in January, to help my dad with a surgery he required.  Luckily it wasn’t too serious and his recovery went really well.  Prior to his hospitalization though, pop-pop treated us to a day at the theater and a really nice lunch at FRANKIE & JOHNNIES STEAKHOUSE.  This was Laura's first Broadway play, so we went to see PHANTOM OF THE OPERA at the MAJESTIC THEATRE. Who could ask for a better first?! The music , the stage...all captivating.  Our second trip into the city, involved a 50 mile stroll throughout Manhattan's Time Square, Forty-Second St, Fifth Ave, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, etc. Of course the best part is the subway ride ( the "J" to the "E"), and a hot dog & pretzel from a corner stand! 

April found us back in New York after my mom suffered a stroke.  She is in the long process of recovery, but luckily she had minimal symptoms.  She is rehabilitating strongly and is almost back to her old self.  Laura and I did another quick trip into the city where we zigzagged all of Lower Manhattan from the Twin Towers, Chinatown and everything in between, up to Times Square on foot!

In May we were up in Provo for my nephews WEDDING in the Mt. Timpanogos temple.  We are so excited to welcome Julianne to our family.  And at the end of that month was our family trip to MAUI.  Annie and her younger kids joined us for a nice relaxing time at the ocean.  And Heidi loved being the center of attention of the whole clan!

In June after returning from total Hawaiian bliss, Linda went on a PIONEER TREK in the foothills of San Bernardino with the church’s Stake Young Men Young Women.  It was an incredible experience, not one I would have chosen to do of my own will, but nevertheless successful and meaningful.

By August Laura and I were off to Girl’s camp, followed by a trip back up to Provo to deliver Karen and Brian at Brigham Young University.

Amy and Heidi have been joining Laura and I for our weekly trek to NEWPORT.  We have the place to ourselves this time of year, and the weather has been a wonderful 75-80°.  We “adults” sit like lizards on a rock, absorbing the sun, while Heidi; digs holes, chases seagulls, and buries our feet with sand.  Mmmmm,..don’t you wish you were us?  Just to make sure you are all not jealous...we then have to sit, in an hour or more of traffic, to get home!  Yeah, I hear you sobbing with me! So now on to the family:

AMY, JOE, HEIDI: well now that she has hit the wonderful age of 2½ life is even more exciting with Heidi around! Life is in constant motion.  She plays make-believe, she sings songs (in 2 languages!), she digs in our sandbox, she jumps even higher on the trampoline and swings higher on the swing. She loves to help Grammy with her cross stitch and knitting projects, as well as digging in the garden. She almost has the dog being obedient, and  pretty much has everyone wrapped around her little finger!  Amy is kept especially busy with her toddler and her calling in the Relief Society presidency and Joe is finishing up his 3rd year of Law school and will begin preparation for the bar exam early next year!  It is so fun to having them living close by while they are in school, and we will really miss them when their career moves them around. ***2/13/07 UPDATE Amy is expecting baby #2 in July!!! Right during Joe’s bar exams!

BRIAN (23): Brian has become quite the studious gent.   Seems like he is always at the library cramming as much information as he can into his brain.  He has enjoyed being a student at Brigham Young University where he is a Biology major, preparing his pre-med course towards optometry or ophthalmology.  We sure have missed the music and humor that always surrounds him, things are awfully quiet with him gone.  He was home for spring semester in order to go to our family reunion, but has been in Utah both summer and fall.  He keeps really busy in his church assignment as ward clerk also, and wishes he had more time to socialize!  We wish he did too!

KAREN (20): Karen is loving the wonderful experience she is able to have at BYU also!  She is an amazing girl.  She maintains her perfect school average as well as broadening her talents in tap dancing classes!  Hula, Tahitian, and now tap!  What’s next???  She has no problem finding time to socialize despite her pre-nursing curriculum and ward chorister assignment.  Good girl that she is, she maintains her BLOG weekly much to our delight, so we can keep up with her life which is always full of fun!

LAURA (17):  Laura doesn’t need anything else in her life...she can drive.  Happiness at last!!!  It is so nice to see her so content now that she can run off to shop, be with friends, and take care of her own errands.  Peace reigns!  She was able to take her studies to NY when I had to help out with my parents (a plus for home schooling),and enjoyed the “BIG APPLE” (she is definitely a city girl).  She loved being reunited with her siblings in Maui, where she surfed for the first time since her surgery, She hiked on our church Pioneer Trek, she enjoyed her time with friends in Santa Barbara at EFY camp.  She had the responsibility for a cabin of seven,  twelve- year olds at girl’s camp (and survived), and attended countless concerts that have rounded out most of her activities for the year. ***2/13/07 UPDATE Laura spent her 17th birthday at SeaWorld, where she had a dolphin interaction day.  She couldn’t keep from smiling the whole time!  It was definitely a nice way to end the year and celebrate.

KEN & LINDA (Married 27 years): We are loving this stage of our lives.  It has meant some changes to our family, but are all part of the “normal” process. Having only one child at home has been an adjustment.  Having two out of it another.  We have the joy of a granddaughter close by.  And although Ken and I are definitely old “toots” we are reasonably healthy and don’t have too many aches and pains! Business continues to do well and is expanding in anticipation of Boyer/Bladh sons coming on board eventually.  Our home has been empty far too often, so we loved having my sister and all of her family, Joe’s sister and her family, as well as all of our children for a Thanksgiving feast.  *** my parents and brother were out for Christmas/New Year also.  It was an abundant time of thanks! 

At this time of year we are thankful for friends near and far.  Thankful that despite life’s challenges we all can stay in touch, and multiply the joys and divide the sorrows.  We are grateful for the divine intervention that the Savior Jesus Christ offered in our behalf.  We enjoy the peace that can only be offered by faith in Him.  We seek to serve others through our dedication to His teachings.  And we wish you the love that only He can give.

“This precious Son, our Lord and Savior, atoned for our sins and the sins of all, that memorable night in Gethsemane.  Later, on the cruel cross, He died that we might live, and live everlastingly. Resurrection morning was preceded by pain, by suffering. The world has witnessed no greater gift, nor has it known more lasting love.” (Treasured Gifts, Ensign, December 2006, Thomas S. Monson)


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