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It's the most wonderful time of the year! As much as it seems there is so little time to get everything done, there is definitely an excitement to the CHRISTMAS season that makes it so wonderful. Gratefully, it is a time to reflect on the reason we call ourselves Christians, and to align our lives with those beliefs, and re-align our goals and objectives.

The JOHNSON'S lives are very full with two little girls running around! Their move to Dana Point has been a rewarding one for them. They walk down to the beach every day for playtime in the sand and surf, and there are lots more children the girl's ages to play and pal around with. HEIDI (4 yrs.) is very busy now that she is Sunbeam in Sunday School, and that included being part of the Children's Sacrament Program this fall. She practiced all her hymns and memorized her lines. I told her we would be attending just so we could see her, and to wave when she saw us so we could find her. Her reply, "oh Grammy, you can't miss me. I'm right there in the front with all the other Sunbeams!". She sang her little heart out, which was quite comical, beings she and the other little girl in her class far out sang the whole choir together! She is so busy learning new things also. She goes to the library a couple times a week to pick out books and videos, she is "sounding out" words and writing them down. When ever we are waiting at a restaurant she writes a list and has me check it for her by reading them. She loves to cook, and Thanksgiving's Apple pie was peeled and prepared by her. Heidi is totally digging on the role of big sister. NORA (17 months) is the happy go lucky sibling! She frantically keeps up with her older sister in every madcap activity around, she hums songs in the car, climbs onto anything she can get a leg on, and keeps the pace of life revving. She is also Ken's "heart medicine". When life gets too complicated, he always suggest a drive down to visit with the granddaughter's, as a prescription. Amy is busy in her new assignment in Young Women's, working with the Laurel age girl's, and of course as a full-time mommy her work is never done! Joe gives church service in the missionary program. He is working full-time in the legal department of an Assisted Living corporation and is just 5 minutes from home. And even though being a newbie in his position there requires a lot of hours-he gets home in decent time to be with the family. Their life is bursting with activity.

BRIAN (25) is coming into the home stretch of his undergraduate schooling in pre-med. He is at a crossroads on what he wants to do next, and may take some time off to travel before he commits to any particular graduate degree. He is leaning towards optometry with his dad, but may continue on in another medical field. He faithfully kept up his BLOG last year as a birthday gift to me (yippeee) but I fear since he made no such commitment this year to it, we will see (already!) a steady decline in posts. He again achieved great accolades on his grades, which is no surprise given the amount of time he devotes to studying. His next year will surely be a time of adventure!

KAREN (22) though stressed, loves her chosen profession of nursing. She will graduate with a bachelors next year and will make plans to work then. For now she has enjoyed every aspect of her learning. Since it is almost all clinical rotations, her hands on expertise is at the forefront and she is showing a depth of care that comes from her tender heart. Right now she is dating a nice young man, who is also busy pursuing an education. They manage to squeeze in time for themselves every once in awhile, and are really enjoying each other's companionship.

LAURA (19) flew the coop on us this fall. She graduated high school and went off to Utah to pursue her dental assistance program. She has done exceedingly well in her courses and plans to graduate this winter. She'll work for awhile to earn some much needed savings account money, before pursuing her further schooling for dental hygienist. She is the most reliable in calling us and checking on how the "old folks" are doing, while giving us lots of love and attention when we visit. Her social calendar is very full, and she has lots of activities to keep her busy. She has enjoyed having a roommate, (other-than a sister) who's family has taken her in on some of their activities, which has helped her to adjust well to being away from home.

KEN and LINDA (married 29 years) have had a deliriously busy year. Linda finished up teaching early morning seminary in May, and kept sane by going on trips to Mesa Arizona for a wedding, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with dear friends, Palm Springs with our business partners, and lots of trips to the grandchildren's! For Mother's she was treated to a concert by Michael Buble, and finished off the summer with a bi-annual family reunion with three of our kids, my parents, sister, niece and nephews in Maui. It was a wonderful time of relaxation, before a headlong jump into a political state amendment she was asked to chair. Ken's business life has had lots of changes. After purchasing our LaVerne building we started plans to remodel it sometime around 2004. It is now finished in 2008! The work is remarkable however, and was very needed. But that wasn't enough. No sooner were we coming to the close of that project, we got the opportunity to buy a business office for our Diamond Bar location. We proceeded to contract plans for that renovation, and moved into that new place the first of November. Between those and his calling as Ward Preparedness Specialist and an assignment to oversee a community service project he is kept running! He is also president elect of the optometry association and has many meetings to coordinate there too. Being "empty nesters" we seem to have more to do now, than when we were raising kids full time!

We hope at this holiday time you will join us in wishing a MERRY CHRISTMAS to all you come in contact with. Truly this is a time to keep Christ and his teachings at the forefront of our celebration.

At this season and through the new year ... may His love be your life's direction, may His presence be your heart's peace.

Love, the Boyer's
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