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Can someone else verify that life is going by rather quickly? Or is it just me??? One minute I’m thinking I should start getting some Halloween stuff done...and the next minute I’m behind on Christmas preparations!

This year has been busy and blessed. You would think that things would be simpler now that all of our children have left the nest!

The JOHNSONS are busy in life doing the things that a growing family does. JOE passed his bar exam (YIPPEEEE) and decided to hang out a “shingle”, on his own, down in Dana Point. He is kept busy with lots of cases. I don’t think he’s surfing as much as he’d like to, but living just steps from the ocean assures him a few swift catches from time to time. AMY still chooses to stay at home with the girls while she serves as a Young Woman Counselor. She decided to jump into the homeschool movement and spends lots of time preparing lessons and ideas to spark fun and learning. Quite a few of her friends have also undertaken homeschooling as well, so there is a nice little group to associate with and do activities. HEIDI (5) is such a big girl now. Grammy is really enjoying our sleep over’s and crafts, as well as our movie night! She enjoys cooking and baking, reading and singing. We gifted her a ballet class last Christmas and she had a fun time with that. She has an active imagination and playtime is getting involved and complicated. She has set up an office here at the Boyer’s where she makes lists, draws and colors. It is always amazing to see what her inquisitive mind comes up with! NORA (2) is going full steam. With an exciting and creative big sister to show her the ropes, she is mastering lots of things at a quick pace. She twirls, she chatters, she “makes believe”. She sings for hours at bedtime! And she’s no push-over or passive pansy. She holds her own against sister when she wants what she wants. She is independent and happy. They are so much fun to have around. You forget how entertaining children can be...and then you become grandparents and can delight in it all! They're so much fun that Amy and Joe are adding a third little one to the bunch in April. S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E! This little baby gender(girl/boy) is a secret for now, we’ll see if they can keep from finding out!

BRIAN (26) Graduated in April Cum Laude with a bachelor’s in Biology. We are grateful for his outstanding studiousness. He is busy preparing himself to enter Optometry school next fall after a very successful score on the OAT. His dad is pretty pleased to have him follow in his footsteps. Lots of opportunities ahead. He is dating a wonderful young lady who has visited a number of times. We met her up in Provo where she is working and studying, and she has come down by us for the 4th of July, August, and Thanksgiving. Each time she graciously helps out with whatever preparations are taking place, and always leaves a nice note and a gift. We think she is a treasure! Lot’s of important decisions in Brian’s life right now, and given his record for making wise use of his inspiration and mental faculties, we’re sure more good things will follow!

KAREN (23) As always her life is a tailspin. She is nearing completion of her own bachelor’s in Nursing this December, having made the dean’s list and receiving scholarships for her great grades! In April she received word that her international nursing course would have her moving to Amman, Jordan for a semester. Wonderful, scary, and exciting would have summed it up easily, but as life would have it, her wonderful CHANDLER HYER proposed a marriage date for August! Of course the answer was YES! (and you can read the details of the proposal on her BLOG), but that left very little time to get a dress before leaving the country, and all the long distance phone calls, emails...and thank goodness SKYPE, to get the rest done! We are so lucky to have this young man accept us as his family. He is outstanding, and they are a very fortunate couple. She is now in a larger extended family who treat her royally, and we feel very much a part of them too! After two receptions, and TWO honeymoons (San Diego and Aruba) they came back to a very busy school year. A little about Chandler; he grew up in Las Vegas, he served a mission for the LDS church in Guatemala, he has 3 younger brother’s and one older sister, and he is studying to get accepted into dentistry. Our newlyweds make a very sweet, happy, busy couple!

LAURA (20) She did really well in her courses in dental assisting and graduated last winter. She has been working in a dental office for almost a year now, and we’re so proud of all she’s learned and is doing. She still plans on pursuing further schooling for dental hygienist, but she will take off this spring/summer for a much dreamed of European tour before settling in on her studies. She purchased her own car this past spring and takes care of all her expenses, she is growing up to be a responsible, happy, lively young lady. She is enjoying the social benefits of living in a college town (Provo, UT), and being close to Brian and Karen/Chandler. Lot’s of amazing things are in her plans...and she will accomplish them and more. Stay tuned.

KEN and LINDA (married 30 years) Time keeps racing ahead with us in tow! Luckily we have had get-a-way's and vacations from our responsibilities. Linda traveled up to Utah numerous times. One of those was for Brian’s graduation, a second for brother Tommy’s baptism in the LDS church. Ken and Linda took a rare “just them” trip to the Maui condo, which felt odd without the whole family to fill in the other 2 bedrooms! We enjoyed a trip to Molokai and the inspiring story of the people with Hansen’s disease who were banished to Kalauapapa. And then after a busy summer of wedding preparations, our much awaited Anniversary trip to Tahiti!!! It was glorious, and lived up to the tropical paradise of our dreams. We won’t soon forget the awesomeness of our over the water hut. We spent an additional week on the way home in Oahu, and although it’s not quite our idea of vacation, we did enjoy the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie, and daily trips to Haleiwa for some of our favorite eating spots. So after recuperating from that we came home to find that Ken had been called to preside as a Bishop in a congregation for young adults between the ages of 18-30 years old. This makes him a busy person as his time is stretched between meetings for that, his office work, and president of the Optometric Association of California. He is the man in demand! Linda is content to travel and spending time as a mother hen to these new young people, and of course visiting as much time as she possibly can with those two beautiful granddaughter’s!

The Older I Get... the simpler my holiday preparations become...the closer I feel to old friends as I write my Christmas cards...the more I cherish the oldest ornaments...the more fondly I remember Christmases past...the longer I hold on to a holiday hug...the more I realize Christmas is a matter of the heart...the tighter my throat gets when I sing "Silent Night"…the more I enjoy giving than receiving...the more I try to see Christmas through the eyes of a child...the longer I sit at night in the glow of the Christmas tree...the more wondrously beautiful the Christmas story is...the deeper my awe at God's infinite love...the More I Love Christmas! -Anonymous-

The older I get... the more I enjoy sharing Christmas greetings with wonderful people like you! BLESSINGS OF THE SEASON

~Love the Boyer’s
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